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If you are making multiple changes to a project, or if you are in the process of building out the project plan, it can be helpful to wait until all information is current before you publish the project.

You can make changes to the project and then, on the Project tab or the Task tab, in the Project group, click Save.

  • Publishing is recommended over uploading the content directly  because
  • when a slightly modified project is (re)published, only the differences will actually be copied to
  • target location, thus saving both time and bandwidth.
  • It is not possible to publish multiple projects in the same time. Furthermore, only a single project
  • The publish fails when  mode is enabled on
  • Interrupting a publishing event might have unpredictable results.

This saves your changes without publishing them for others to view. Until you publish your changes, team members and others who access your project will see the last published version of the project.

When creating or editing a project, you can select the visibility of the project. You can select whether to show it  your website, both, or none.

This is useful for situations where you want to publish work that may not be completely appropriate in thecommunity section – e.g. photography. Alternatively, you can use the Pages feature to post work that isn’t to be on the community.